Simple Refrigerator Dilly Beans Recipe

Quick pickled dilly beans taste like they came straight from the yard and are crunchy and sour.

– 1 lb green beans, trimmed to fit your jar – several dill fronds, dill flowers, or seed-head – 1 Tbsp pickling spice – 1 tsp dill seed – 1 cup apple cider vinegar – 1 cup water – 2 Tbsp kosher salt – 1 Tbsp sugar



Put the beans and a few dill leaves, flowers, or seed heads into a jar or jars with a wide mouth. 

Step 1

Step 2

To get as many beans as possible in the jar, make sure the beans are as straight as possible.

Step 3

Put the dill seeds and pickle spice in the jar. Use two jars and split the mixture evenly between them.

Step 4

In a small sauce pan, heat the apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, and salt. Stir the sugar and salt to dissolve.

Step 5

After boiling, pour hot brine over beans to fill jars. The brine must cover the beans. You can add water as needed.

Step 6

Let cool, cap, and refrigerate 24 hours before eating. Dilly beans last 2 weeks or longer in the fridge.

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