Turkey Injection Recipe

Your Thanksgiving turkey will be moist, juicy, and delicious with this simple turkey injection marinade recipe! Adding this simple ingredient takes minutes and transforms bland turkey breast.


– ½ cup apple cider or chicken broth – ¼ cup melted butter or avocado oil – 1 tsp garlic powder – 1 tsp onion powder – 1 tsp Italian seasoning – 1 tsp sea salt


Remove the turkey from its packaging and place it in a large roasting pan (preferably the same). Pat turkey dry with paper towels. 

Step 1

Remove the turkey's neck and giblets. Let cook separately or discard. Melt butter in a microwave-safe bowl for 30-60 seconds.

Step 2

Stir in apple cider, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, and sea salt immediately. Mix and inject butter quickly to avoid hardening. Avocado or olive oil can replace melted butter whenever needed.

Step 3

Fill your meat injector according to its instructions. Some injectors load from the top, while others draw liquid through the needle.

Step 4

Insert the needle into the turkey and press the handle to release 1–2 teaspoons per injection site. Inject white meat throughout the breast and turkey. 

Step 5

Insert the needle in different directions for great flavours everywhere. Turkey from the breast's side and top tastes best.

Step 6

To dry brine the turkey, sprinkle coarse sea salt on its outside while you're here. Before cooking, season the turkey's outside with your recipe. Make Orange-Ginger Glazed or Garlic Butter Roast Turkey.

Step 7

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