Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Doesn’t Get Love Back From Their Partner 

Cancer invests heavily in relationships due to its emotional depth. However, their emotional vulnerability can lead to disappointment when their partner doesn't share their feelings.  


Scorpios love deeply and want emotional connection. They demand loyalty and authenticity like no other. When their partner isn't as committed, they may feel unfulfilled and longing. 


The Capricorns take relationships seriously. They work hard to secure the future as partners. If their partner isn't as dedicated and supportive, they may feel unappreciated. 


Aquarians love intellectual connections and independence. When their partner doesn't respect their space and individuality, they may feel detached and empty. 


Pisceans are romantic and selfless. They often idolise their partner and expect a fairytale romance. If reality doesn't match their romantic expectations, they may suffer. 


Geminis love intellectual stimulation and open communication. They may feel disconnected and unloved if their partner doesn't talk or show interest. 


Free-spirited Sagittarians seek adventure and novelty. If their partner limits their exploration, growth, and new experiences, they may feel unloved. 


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