Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Always Gives Up In Life  

Artistic and empathetic Pisces can struggle with life's harsh realities. Because they get lost in their dreams and emotions, they may feel overwhelmed by worldly demands. 


Cancerians, known for their emotional intuition, can give up easily. Due to their sensitivity, they may take things personally and give up in difficult situations to avoid emotional distress. 


Libras value balance and harmony, but this can make them indecisive. When life presents difficult choices or conflicts, they may feel in limbo. 


Adventurers, Sagittarians are always learning. Unfortunately, this trait can cause indecision. When the excitement wears off, they may give up on the next thrill. 


Ambitious Capricorns work hard. Their drive for success can backfire. They may feel overwhelmed by self-imposed pressure and failure fear. 


Aquariuses are visionaries who seek wider positive change. They may give up when implementation is difficult due to their emotional detachment.   


If they feel they cannot achieve excellence, procrastination and giving up can result from fear of not meeting their own high standards.


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