Top 6 Zodiac Signs Who Make The First Move  

Aries, a fiery fire sign, always takes the lead. Their fearlessness and go-getter attitude make them proactive in pursuing their goals.  


Leo, a confident and charismatic fire sign, is not afraid to make a big romantic gesture. Their magnetism and desire to be noticed are natural.  


As an adventurous and optimistic fire sign, Sagittarius is always ready to take the first step. They are naturally curious and want new experiences, including romance.  


Geminis, known for their social skills and communication, are not afraid to initiate love. Their natural charm and wit make them engaging conversationalists. 


Aquarius, a free-spirited air sign, isn't afraid to initiate romantic relationships. They have an original viewpoint and want to challenge norms. 


Libra, an air sign known for charm and diplomacy, initiates romantically. They are naturally balanced, fair, and value harmony. 


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