Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Chicken Thighs

When slow-cooked, honey ginger chicken thighs are juicy, sticky, and delicious. Sprinkle green onions and sesame seeds over fluffy rice and mashed potatoes. It beats takeaway and is ideal for a cosy night.

4 medium-sized chicken thighs ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ cup water ¼ cup ketchup 3 teaspoons (heaping) of garlic ¼ cup liquid type honey 1 ½ teaspoon ginger 3 tablespoons cornstarch sesame seeds and green onion/scallions 



Chicken thighs must be cleaned before cooking. To remove surface impurities, rinse the thighs under cold water and pat them dry with paper towels. 

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Check for fat and skin and trim as needed. Maintain moisture with a thin fat layer. Keep food safe by washing hands and utensils.  

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Following these steps ensures clean, ready-to-cook chicken thighs. To a 4 quart slow cooker/crock pot, add all ingredients except cornflour and water and spray with olive oil. 

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Check the chicken's doneness with a kitchen thermometer inserted into the thickest part and reading 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Keep the slow cooker honey garlic sauce and remove the delicious chicken thighs. Cornflour slurry time. 

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Pour the slurry into the slow cooker and whisk to mix it in. After 10-15 minutes on HIGH, the sauce will thicken beautifully.

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Bring back the chicken thighs and generously baste them with that unforgettable sauce. And they deserve all that flavour! 

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When serving, add sesame seeds and green onions for extra flavour. For a smokey kick, add red pepper flakes if you're feeling adventurous. 

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