Sage Focaccia Bread Recipe

Fresh sage leaves crisp up the top of chewy focaccia. Slice it as an appetizer or serve it with a healthy Mediterranean meal.

– 1/4 ounce package active dry yeast – 2 cups warm water (110-115F) – 2 tsp salt – 4 cups all purpose flour – 1/4 cup olive oil – fresh sage leaves, for topping



Mix yeast, salt, and warm water in a large bowl. adding yeast to focaccia batter Start with 2 cups of flour and add the remainder until a sticky, shaggy dough forms.

Step 1

Step 2

creating focaccia dough Cover and let rise in a lightly oiled bowl for 1 hour until doubled in size and bubbly. Preheat oven at 400F while rising.

Step 3

focaccia rises Prep a big baking sheet. Spread focaccia dough into a broad rectangle or oval on the lined baking sheet with your fingertips.

Step 4

Make dimples on the bread with olive oil-soaked fingers and top with flaky salt. Be generous with olive oil—it gives the bread flavor and a crunchy crust.

Step 5

press focaccia dough onto a baking sheet Press fresh sage leaves onto bread gently. Sage-topped focaccia bread.  Bake for 25 minutes until puffy and brown.

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