7 RARE Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $20K Value Worth More Than Their Weight in Gold

The US Mint released the Bicentennial Quarter in 1975 and 1976 to commemorate American independence. Despite millions being printed, a few quarters are worth nearly $20,000. Collectors prize these rare items for their uniqueness and historical significance. This listicle discusses seven expensive Bicentennial Quarters. 

1. The Double Reverse Quarter

Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarters are popular. Misalignment during minting caused this error coin's doubled words and images. Collectors value these quarters for their rarity and interesting error. Some quarters can sell for thousands of dollars, especially pristine ones. 

2. Off-Center Strike Quarter 

Another oddity is the Off-Center Strike Quarter. Due to incorrect striking, these coins are off-center. The most useful designs are significantly off-center but have all essential elements visible. Collectors prize this gorgeous coin due to its unique error. 

3. Overstruck Quarter 

Overstruck Quarters are struck over a dime or foreign coin. Due to its rare combination of two coin designs, this numismatic event is fascinating. Overstruck quarters are rare and expensive for collectors. 

4. San Francisco Mint Proof Quarter 

The San Francisco Mint made few proof Bicentennial Quarters. These coins, struck with special dies and featuring sharp details and a mirror-like finish, are better than circulation coins. Uncirculated San Francisco Mint proof quarters are popular. 

5. Silver Clad Quarter 

In 1975 and 1976, the Mint issued silver-clad Bicentennial Quarters. The 40% silver quarters are worth more than the copper-nickel ones. Uncirculated or proof silver quarters have numismatic and intrinsic value, so collectors seek them out. 

6. Full Drum Lines Quarter 

Full drum lines on the reverse of a Bicentennial Quarter increase its value. Quarters with well-defined drum lines in the drummer representation are rare and indicate a well-struck coin. In mint condition, collectors will pay more for these quarters. 

7. Incorrect Clad Layer Quarter 

The Error Clad Layer Quarter is a rare coin with a missing or improperly applied clad layer. This error creates a quarter with a unique colour or texture. Collectors prize error coins because they are anomalies. 

Nearly $90K Rare Bicentennial Quarter, plus 5 More Worth Big Money 

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