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San Francisco has plenty more to offer if you're on the hunt for a nail salon that fits your vibe. Just like finding your favourite drinking hole, discovering the right manicure spot for you can involve a little trial and error. The good news is, if you want to get your nails painted by expert manicurists, you're pretty darn spoilt for choice. Whether you're trendy, edgy, boujee or classic, this San Francisco nail bar has something to offer up for everyone.

Super Nails & Spa | Top 1 Salon for people in San Francisco, CA 94132
Nail salon San Francisco, CA 94132

Super Nails & Spa salon provide numerous beauty and nails services such as manicure, pedicure, body waxing and more. We also provide service for occasions like weddings and parties. Our goal is exceeding your expectations. Come experience a family atmosphere where you come as guests and leave as friends. Our staff is highly trained with diversity in all aspects of Nails, Eyelash, Waxing, and Massage. Come let us pamper you and provide you with quality services.

Are dipped nails better than acrylic?

Durability- Gel nails are not as durable as the traditional acrylics and dipped nails. Acrylics and dipped nails usually last about 3 weeks without chipping while gel nails will last for a shorter time period. UV light- Gel nails need curing light such as UV/LED.
Super Nails & Spa | Top 1 Salon for people in San Francisco, CA 94132
Manicure and Pedicure in San Francisco

Are dip nails good for your nails?

They're extremely durable. In terms of strength and texture, dip manis lie somewhere between gel and acrylics. They're stronger than the former but more flexible than the latter and can last up to a month (especially if you keep your nails and cuticles well-moisturized).

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San Francisco, CA 94132

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